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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Actually, the animation made it look like they were carried either inside,
> or strapped to the hull of, regular cruisers and battleships. (The TV series
> indicated that the ships had been refitted to carry mobile suits internally;
> in the movies, they stood on the hull.)
> After the movies were made, it was belatedly decided that most of these
> mobile suits were actually carried in modified Columbus-class transport
> ships. However, the only thing we see the Columbus used for in the actual
> animation is storing Solar System panels. :-)

I'll probably assume a combination of the two theories for my fanfic.

> That's my belief. I recently listed the available evidence, pro and con,
> I'd grudgingly say so, though they were probably all prototype Gelgoogs
> used by Ace Corps members, rather than mass-production versions. Gato's
> Gelgoog was almost certainly used at Solomon, but this was a prototype unit
> (the same S type as Char's).
> -- Mark

I figured. I've always guessed that if there were any there at all, it was a
VERY small number.


Joaquin Torres

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