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> Nightingale wrote:
>> Aznable's pilot helmet on display in one of our
>> local collectors' shop. Here's what the helmet (and
>> other
> How much is it going for in HK? It looks kind of
> goofy, can you wear it?

I wonder how big is my head compares to Char's :P
Anyway the helmet was not for sale since it was
special-ordered by a collector. It was on display for
one night only :(

>> He didn't take off the mask in TV series.
> Damn, now I have to watch the TV version of that
> conversation again. Could you tell me which ep and
> about what time?

It was episode 41 "Shining Cosmos", and iirc i think
the Char-Kishiria's meeting occured after the 1st 5
minutes of the show...


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