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Tue, 08 Aug 2000 13:18:32 -0400

ZeonChar wrote:

> > UC Fanfics eh? I think i've seen some browsing through several rings, but
> > thats like rare since all i see are GW fanfics sites!
> Yeah, for real! Can anyone give me an actual site where some may exist?
> Mabey not. I've taken it upon myself to write one. It's gonna be long and
> I'll probably never finish it so nobody ask me to send it to them! =P

Try there's few good UC fanfics there.
I'd especially recommend Operation Katsudiarudu, it's a hilarious parody! Other
UC ones include 0081 Trial by Fire, 0088 Side Story of Sentinel, A Crying Soul,
Freedom Tomorrow, Flanagan's Conspiracy, Russian Roulette, The Price of
Heroism, and Zeta Gundam: Window Shopping. Just watch out for the Wing yaoi


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