Burke Rukes (god_of_gundams@hotmail.com)
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 12:11:12 CDT

Gus writes,

>Hey Burke,
>How about a review on the building of the Sazabi?

Umm... I don't normally do model reviews, so what can I say? It's big.
It's red. It's overpriced, but I happily paid every penny of that 8000 yen
plus shipping. I never bother to paint or detail my models, since I just
don't have the time. I always put'em together right out the box and
stick'em on the shelf. In terms of construction, it's a pretty nice kit,
not too difficult to build at all. I only have a few minor complaints: one
of my funnels didn't want to work right (I could open it fine, but when I
tried to close it up, the insides with the beam gun and thrusters kept
trying to fall out of the body), one of the backpack propellant tanks pops
out of its polycap socket WAY too easily, and the 2 halves of the beam
shotrifle don't snap together as snug as I usually expect. Beyond that, it's
easy to build and looks really good on the shelf. Time to start saving up
for the next good MG...

-Burke "Still praying for a MG GM Sniper, Dom Tropen and a Kampfer" Rukes

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