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>Lookie what I found... Ignorant masses...
> Parallel Universe, anyone?, July 25, 2000
>Reviewer: Carl Sandler Berkowitz (see more about me) from Middletown, NY USA
>Ok, this book is obviously not about Gundam Wing. It takes place in an
>alternate universe where every Wing character has a parallel character much
>like their own. Heero Yuy is Amuro Ray, Relena is Sayla Mass, Zechs is Char
>Aznable, and Duo Maxwell is Kai Shinden. These characters interact in new
>situations to form an enjoyable reading experience. Based on the origional
>Gundam 0079 series, the book hopes to clarify important plot developments
>that were cut out of the Gundam compilation movies. For anyone who has not
>experienced the full 42 Gundam episodes, they should pick up this magna,
>which will lead them on their path to further Gundam enlightenment.

Oh, this is just ((too)) rich!

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