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Hey Burke,
How about a review on the building of the Sazabi?
Gus Jae
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> Soimichiro writes,
> >Burke: Great work on the site! ...I'm surprised to see
> >new stuff being added in the humor page (maybe its
> >because I only go there twice a month...) can't wait
> >till the Virgo cubed is added to the mobile weapons
> >lists...
> I'm TRYING to keep up...! :-) Problem is lately, I keep getting distracted
> with model kits and videos... just built my MG Sazabi and Groundpounder
> Gundam this weekend, spent most of last week watching a new batch of Turn
> episodes. Hence I didn't get an update posted last weekend. But I've got a
> Japanese friend helping translate technical notes and such for me (so I
> won't have to plagiarize Mark's stuff any more ^_-), and I've got LAST
> week's update about 95% done right now, so I can get cracking again. Don't
> know when I'll get around to a new Virgo Cubed file, though...
> >Gus: Omedeto! All the best wishes to your family!
> Same here! And, please be careful with that cake! :)
> >I accidentally poured a lot of primer on the 1/144
> >tallgeese III' legs when I was trying to make a better
> >TG II. Now there's this big gray splotch on my working
> >board. Aaargh! Remind me to keep the containers away
> >from me elbows.....
> Dude, keep open containers away from your elbows. Especially those beer
> when you're driving home at night. Just thought I'd remind ya. :P
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