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<< > Ha! Made you look :P
> Truth is I have been going nuts with getting the last minute wedding plans
> together.
> I will get some stuff out after I return from Jamaica on Sept 4th. Sure
> you are saying, "Jamaica! The guy has got it made!" So far I have spent
> over 21k, and it's not over!!!
> I will probably need to sell my liver on eBay... not that it will be in
> good condition after Tom make me drink all the sh*t on the wedding
> Gus Jae
> http://welcome.to/gusnjennswedding
> gusjae@channel1.com
 I've fallin', and I can't get up !!

Rather, he's fallen and he cant reach his heiniken =P


Am I a butterfly dreaming of a man...or a bowling ball dreaming of a plate of
 Never assume what you think and feel is real!
-- doll in Enhasa, Zeal Kingdom: Chrono Trigger

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