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Tue, 08 Aug 2000 06:50:37 GMT

They can't reach NTL 9?
Oh well, you know what they say about Real Robot players.
"Change Getta 1!!"

>Subject: [gundam] Can Char and Amuro use funnels without psychoframe
>Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 04:45:12 +0000
>I know everytime I post something on the list,
>the "newbies" can just delete the message, since they
>usually are not interested in what I say....
>Anyway, I was browsing a message board (mostly about
>Super Robot Wars Alpha, a topic of pretty much non-
>interest here), and there were a discussion on how come
>in the game, only four pilots out of the lot can reach
>Newtype level 9 (Haman, Judo, Camille and Sciroco), and
>later it goes on to discuss (lead mostly by me) whether
>Char and Amuro can use funnels without the aid of
>psychoframe. From my understanding, it's the use of
>psychoframe that enable "weak" Newtypes like Amuro and
>Char to use funnels. Is that right or am I completely
>-Edmund Chiu
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