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>From: Joaquin Torres <>
>Subject: [gundam] Questions for possible fanfic
>Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 20:24:12 -0400
>Some One Year War questions for a fanfic I've been thinking of for some
>1) How were all the GMs and Balls transported during the OYW? Were
>they just ferried about on transport/cargo ships?
They were transported on those battleships. I forget what class and all, but
I suppose somebody knows.
>2) Is a typical Federation MS team composed of four MS?
Not MS, but four would be a good number to put it at. In the OYW, we had Mr
Gundam, Mr Guncannon and Mr Guntank, and then the G armor. In the 08th MS
team, they had Shiro in a Ez-8, Karen Joshua and Terry Sanders in the things
they piloted, I think one piloted an RX-78 land, and two boys in a tank.
>3) Coolant tanks are located inside the GM torso, correct?
GMs? How would I know about GMs? Coolant tanks does sound somewhat a
Mechwarrior thing. I'm not sure on this one.
>4) Any idea of typical pilot ages for Zeon and Feds?
The aces/lead characters are under 20, the old school aces are over 40, and
the grunts who are sent to die have no name, no face, and are around 30.
It's just not the correct age to join the army.
>5) Were there really any Gelgoogs at Solomon during that battle?
>Thanks in advance,
>Joaquin Torres
Why did I answer your mail when I didn't know anything?
I just wanted to say that you have a cool name. :p
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