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> >why watch Star Wars Episode I when you've already seen IV, V, and VI?
> >
> >it's a prequel ment to foreshadow the coming of Zeta.. but Zeta itsle
> >factually predates the production of 0083
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> >-Les
> That is almost a convincing arguement, but not truly valid in this case. Here, we have someone arguing that, given the opportunity, you should watch a series that happens later in the chronological order prior to watching one that happened earlier in the timeline (ruining in some ways the foreshadowing of the later series seen in the earlier one, timeline wise). However, at least for me, if I had a choice, I'd go in chronological order. That's what I did for RA Salvatore's Drizzt novels. The Crystal Shard series may have come out before the Dark Elf Trilogy, but I still read the Dark Elf trilogy first. If episodes 1 through 3 had come out before episodes 4 through 6, I would have watched them first.
> I don't care if Zeta's production predates 0083. For me, given the choice, I'd watch them in chronological order. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to do that with series that come from other nations. Using your arguement about Star Wars, it would seem that you are asking why watch MSG or 0083, as they came before Zeta. To which I add, why watch Zeta when you have ZZ, why ZZ when you have CCA, why CCA when you have F91 and why F91 when you have V? IMO, a series is best when viewed from beginning to end chronologically.

The reason that a familiarity with Zeta is pretty much required, is because 0083 assumes that if it was in Zeta, then you know what it is, and it doesn't need to be explained to you. For some of the elements, this isn't a problem. But for others, it is. For example, Axis plays a role in what goes on, and yet 0083 makes absolutely no attempt to explain who or what Axis is. There is a little information from the context, but unless you're familiar with the info on Axis from Zeta, you're probably going to be left scratching your head.
You don't have to have seen Zeta in order to enjoy 0083 (I have yet to see any of Zeta), but I would highly advise that you're familiar with the backstory.


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