Tue, 08 Aug 2000 04:45:12 +0000

I know everytime I post something on the list,
the "newbies" can just delete the message, since they
usually are not interested in what I say....

Anyway, I was browsing a message board (mostly about
Super Robot Wars Alpha, a topic of pretty much non-
interest here), and there were a discussion on how come
in the game, only four pilots out of the lot can reach
Newtype level 9 (Haman, Judo, Camille and Sciroco), and
later it goes on to discuss (lead mostly by me) whether
Char and Amuro can use funnels without the aid of
psychoframe. From my understanding, it's the use of
psychoframe that enable "weak" Newtypes like Amuro and
Char to use funnels. Is that right or am I completely

-Edmund Chiu

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