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Nightingale wrote:
> I saw the JAFCON-only 1/1 Char Aznable's pilot helmet ...

Mark Simmons wrote:
> could make the case that a skintight "pilot suit" is a subset of the "normal
> suit" category - after all, normal suits are so named to distinguish them
> from mobile suits, not from other human-sized space suits.

Ok. I buy Mark's argument. Interpret "normal suit" as opposed to "mobile
suit" not as opposed to "pilot suit". But what do you call the bulky suit
for prolonged spacewalks? Now don't say normal suit also. It's a
mathmethical fact that a set can't be a subset of itself.

Besides the point, but c'mon how often do you confuse an 18m machine for a
piece of clothing? And not so long ago, you convinced me that MS were
developed from space fighters not spacesuits.

> Who knows? But there are so many occasions when it would have made more
> * Side 6, where he makes snotty comments about Lalah's abilities as a
> chauffeur.

Because he's training Lalah to live independently?

> * Texas colony, where in the TV series he encounters Sayla on foot rather
> than on horseback. Before he recognizes his sister, Char pulls out a gun and
> attempts to force her to drive him back to his ship at gunpoint. Why not
> just pop her and steal her car, since he showed no reluctance to
> sniper-shoot civilians earlier in the TV series?

Because the driver in question will be needed for various climatic scenes
in episodes 41 and 43?

> * Fast forward to Z Gundam. Char grabs a taxi back from the Federation
> assembly meeting in Dakar, arriving just too late to save Brex from Titans
> goons. If he had his own wheels, Brex wouldn't have died.

Because his own wheels weren't on hand at the moment? Easier to grab a
taxi then to hijack a car on the street.

> * In Char's Counterattack, we see Char, supreme leader of the Neo Zeon,
> riding the subway car in Sweetwater. We know he's a man of the people, but
> that seems a little foolhardy.

That's truly weird, but having the supreme leader driving his own car
isn't very becoming either. Should have a stretch limo on hand. (and a
man of the people? Surely you jest)

> Those are just a few of the occasions when Char seems perversely
> determined not to operate his own motor vehicle. What's his damage?

Ok, I get your point. Every individual situation can be explained away,
but the collected facts are probably compelling (at least for some
people). But this is a pecularity that's too peculiar for my stomach.
Consider he can drive everything else and later in Z and CCA, he had to
play so many more roles such as diplomat, spy, political leader.

> Amuro, on the other hand, has his own vehicle-operation quirk - a penchant
> for leaping out of moving vehicles. Some example include:
> * Jumping out of a car packed with bombs (twice in the original TV series!).
> * Hopping out of the RX-78 at the end of the original series.
> * Crashing a transport plane into the Asshimar and bailing out by parachute

What would you have done? ^_^

> * Jumping out of his car to brawl with Char in CCA (leaving a juvenile to
> fend for herself in a runaway car!).

That's pretty reckless, I would have just pull out a pistol and pop him ^_^
But then the brawlee in question is also needed for several later scenes

> Perhaps Hayatao's demise in ZZ was a typically unsuccessful attempt to
> outdo Amuro one last time. :-)

Hey that's uncalled for, I like that character! (OTOH, so many kamakaze
scenes in post-0079 are equally stupid, like Oliver (V), Katsu (Z))

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