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After my last post, I did an interesting exercise.

I looked at my inventory (just made a database of my kits last wk) which
is just over 130 kits at the moment. Picked out all the kits that I can
not or will not, realisticly, work on within 10 years. I then estimate my
gain or loss on each kit assuming I have to sell them within the next 12

Here are the ones I won't build for sure (all old 1/144 kits except when

Gundam Mk.II, Marasai (2), Zugock, Zeong, GM, Guntank, Dom, Gelgoog, Gyan,
Juaggu, Methuss, Zeta 1/220 (2), MG RX-78 chrome (2), 1/72 transforming
Valkyrie, SU-22 (1/72 resin), 1/72 Comanche (US helicoptor), Nousjadeul

Here are the ones I would love to build but probably won't:

Zaku III Custom (HGUC), Gaplant, Hambradi, Tallgeese III, Zaku Tank,
Eyezack, Zussa, AT-ST, 1/100 transforming Super Valkyrie, Nausicaa
Gunship, WW2 famous generals (1/35), SKOT-1 (resin Russian APC), Tactical
Pod Glaug.

31 out of 130 kits. Not very good, but not as bad as I feared. Of these,
if I have to sell them all within 12 months, I figure I could make a
profit of US$32 on the whole thing. That's assuming I spend the time to
sell each kit properly (scanning the box, writting long descriptions for
each kits, refusing to drop the price in the last hours of the cons etc)
instead of running a firesale. If I run a fire sale on these junks, I'd
probably lose US$50 on the whole thing. (but considering I probably waste
over one hour on each eBay sale, I would say taking the US$80 hit is worth

So optimistically I could make US$32 on original investment of about
US$150-200 (I got most of them pretty cheap). If I build the Tactical Pod
Glaug myself (very likely), my expected profit drops to a grand sum of

$10 profit on $150!!!

Of course, I original brought my kits thinking that I will build them all,
I wasn't picking them to be money maker (note that most of them are still
in print). HGUC has been (and will continue to be) most unkind to my
collection of old kits. Your mileage will vary (widely). I got my kits
at prices nearer to wholesale than to retail prices, so the average
consumer would probably do worse than me. But if you have been buying
limited editions, you may do better. If you have a very high ratio of
Con-only specials, you will do a whole lot better.

My point is just that: yes some individual kits have done pretty good for
me, but over all, plastic models hasn't turn in any windfall. I'd love to
hear any of you model collectors go throught the same exercise and see
what your profit/loss is. Especially for resin collectors.

PS: where's Gus' firesale? <wink>

PPS: If you look at the limited kits of yore, like LM Ball Custom, the
chrome/crystal Wing/Endless Waltz kits, the coated MGs etc, they haven't
really risen in value. Many have actually dropped below original price
(the more gimmicky ones). Now there are some talks of truly rare kits,
such as the first-print 1/250 0079 dioramas (with different box art), the
MSV kits reboxed as ZZ, the original chromed 1/100 Type 100, the really
really first system injection 1/250 0079 kits. These kits are probably
rarer than a dragon's horn, but can they really fetch a good price on the
market? Say if I somehow find a ZZ Zaku Mariner and put it on eBay
tomorrow, will it get even US$20?

PPPS: my real point is: yes if you are looking for these rare kits, you
probably won't find one even at the 100 times the original price. But
that's very different from say if you HAD this kit, you can sell it for
100 times the original price. You probably won't even get 10 times. The
only exception is perhaps the chrome 1/100 Type-100, that one could net
some real mullahs. (oh I almost forgot, Tet has reliable rumor that MG
Type 100 is coming within 6 months)

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