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(0079 movie III)
> In the scene just before Lalah and Char kissed,
> asked/commanded Char to wear a space suit for future

> missions. I swear I heard she said "normal suit".
> what's a normal suit? I thought a normal suit is the
> bulky suit that's more sturdy and lasts longer. And
> a "pilot suit" is a tight-fitting suit worn for
> piloting MS/MA/fighters, intended only for emergency

> or bail-out. A few days ago Nightingale used "normal

> suit" in a similar situation, and I was at the point

> of "correcting" him when sleep overcame me (happens
> lot these days). But now I am not so sure I was
> right.

Heh heh... For these poor English grammar / confusion,
blame the Japanese. I saw the JAFCON-only 1/1 Char
Aznable's pilot helmet on display in one of our local
collectors' shop. Here's what the helmet (and other
cool JAFCON merchandises) looks like:

On its package cover, it stated (in Japanese): "1/1
Char Aznable Normal Suit Helmet". In fact, thoughtout
the UC Gundam series, people refers to both worker-use
space suit and MS pilot's space suit as 'normal suit'.
I know it's confusing and Sunrise staffs have no
excuse :)

> Kishiria and Char had a frank (symbolized by Char's
> taking off his mask) conversation on Char's and
> Kishiria's ambitions and plans. (a most important
> conversation for understand both characters) I
> remember there was a similar conversation in the TV
> (somewhere in eps. 40-42?) but did Char took off his

> mask?

He didn't take off the mask in TV series.

> Another thing about Char, some (including Mark) said
> he can't drive a car... (snip) So what's with a car?

> Yes he said he isn't good at fixing them, but hard
> to believe he handles legs, jet engines, wings and
> propellers with ease but has a phobia of wheels? But

> then you also hear Formula-1 drivers having a phobia

> of driving in downtown traffic. So maybe it makes
> sense also...

In previous discussion on this list, it was speculated
that Char's avoidance of automobile was due to
maintain his noble 'image': he held a belief that
auto-driving was for normal (i.e. lowly) people only.
Personally I still has doubt about this answer since
his father was the stateman of Zeon Republic (i.e.
nothing to do with aristocracy like the Zabis), but he
may've accustomed that 'belief' while he was on the
way of lightning fast promotion during the One Year


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