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>I see the listing for the HGUC gelgoog marine on HLJ, and I haven't seen any
>pictures of the production gelgoog marine. Now I was just wondering if the
>production model comes with those fuel-cannister looking things on the back
>of the Cima custom (And what are those things for, anyway?) Cuz actually
>lack of the four cannisters has been what's been keeping me from buying a
>gelgoog model as I saw a pic of a gelgoog with those in DH and ever since no
>other gelgoog has looked quite as cool :)

Technically, they're called propellant tanks. Since so many of the Jion
suits operate for extended periods in space, the p-tanks allow them to
travel much longer distances on thier own, discarding the tanks once
they've reached the operation area (assuming that a carrier will eventually
arrive to pick them up). This makes the suits much more versatile for space
operations. In reality, we first started to see them in ZZ kits, but they
were normal equipment for series produced later.


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