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My roommate is building the MG RX-79G right now, and DAMN is it cool
looking. The colors are absolutely perfect, the construction is neat (I love
the way the head is assembled), and the knee mounted beam saber slots are
incredibly cool. I'd buy one myself, but I'm going to wait a bit and get a
Zeon suit or two before I get any more Gundams ... my RX-178 and Alex need
someone to fight =)

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> I only have enough money for one MG or a few HGUC's. Which should I get, the > MG RX-79 (G) Gundam or an HG UC Rick Diaz, GP01 and an HG Dunbine kit? Is > there any interesting Upcoming releases I should hold off for? > > Aaron > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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