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Joaquin Torres asks,

> 1) How were all the GMs and Balls transported during the OYW? Were
> they just ferried about on transport/cargo ships?

  Actually, the animation made it look like they were carried either inside,
or strapped to the hull of, regular cruisers and battleships. (The TV series
indicated that the ships had been refitted to carry mobile suits internally;
in the movies, they stood on the hull.)

  After the movies were made, it was belatedly decided that most of these
mobile suits were actually carried in modified Columbus-class transport
ships. However, the only thing we see the Columbus used for in the actual
animation is storing Solar System panels. :-)

> 2) Is a typical Federation MS team composed of four MS?

  That's my belief. I recently listed the available evidence, pro and con,
and at this point I think the preponderance of evidence supports a four-unit

> 3) Coolant tanks are located inside the GM torso, correct?

  Among other places. It's quite possible that the same substance is used
for both propellant and coolant, since the basic function (carrying away
heat from the reactor by circulating fluid over it) is the same in both
cases. In this case, the propellant tanks elsewhere in the body would double
as coolant tanks.

> 4) Any idea of typical pilot ages for Zeon and Feds?

  Young, and getting younger. By the end of the war, the Zeons were
regularly drafting 18-year-olds...

> 5) Were there really any Gelgoogs at Solomon during that battle?

  I'd grudgingly say so, though they were probably all prototype Gelgoogs
used by Ace Corps members, rather than mass-production versions. Gato's
Gelgoog was almost certainly used at Solomon, but this was a prototype unit
(the same S type as Char's).

-- Mark

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