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> I'm trying to decide which MG to order... Can someone reccomend
> something?

I am of the school of thought that one shouldn't ask for advice on which
model to buy. You should ask what's the goods and bads of individual kits
and then decide for yourself. You can ask about colours, fitting,
technical quality, proportions. But these are all secondary and tertiary
considerations. For me the decision is made on (1) mecha and (2)
scale/grade/price/value. These are very personal choice.

If you are picking between 3 MG's, I think you should go for the mecha
design that you like most. All other considerations can be pretty much
put aside. But if you insist, I can say ...

- no one's mentioned it, but I've heard from most ppl that MG GP-02 is
difficult to pose with the shield (even the most basic stand-up-straight
pose). However, if you are living in a zero gravity envoirnment, you will
propably love it. (hey that gives me an idea, how about displaying your
MG GP-02 in an aquarium, the bouyance should be enough to support a cool

- I am probably one of the few here who've actually built a coated MG
(RX-78). Basically, if you are a serious modeller or perfectionist, you
shouldn't bother with any coated MG. They are spray painted instead of
chromed (like HGUC Type 100). You will get better result with a regular
kit, finish it (putty, prime, sand etc) and then spray it with silver and
transparent paints. IF you are a snapper (not painting or even gluing)
type, the coated model do look pretty cool (esp. if you are using a
low-resolution digital camera :) The extra 1000 Yens or so you pay for
the coated kits are, I think, fair price, because the silver+transparent
paints and the little figure are worth more than 1000 Yens.

Now I agree with my friend that if you are buying and building a MG or PG,
you should give it some respect and finish it nicely (he's a
perfectionist, also that's why I am primarily a 1/144 guy). So I don't
really understand why there's a significant market for coated MG's. But
what do I know? They are churning a new one out every few months, now
even a coated PG is announced. So they must be making enough money to
cover the minor investment. As for talks of limited editions and raising
values in the future. Don't fall into that trap.

  Murphy's law of plastic kits investments: over the long term, plastic
  kits always lag inflation.

As for why, that's good for a whole new debate. I got my coated MG for a
good discount (only reason I got them). And on the open market (eBay,
Yahoo Japan), I haven't seen many Gundam kits hitting paydirt except for
con-only specials (chromed Gato's Gelgoog, crystal Dom etc) and the
fleeting Wing craze. Even much loved resin kits like the Dendrobium
hasn't fetched a decent profit. (I've seen 1 sold for almost exactly the
original price, 1 didn't receive a single bid, another didn't reach
reserve price).

Sometimes you can match up with a collector who just have to get that
obscure Macross or MSV kit. But you need at least two crazed bidders to
actually drive it up, and it's a crapshoot that two of them find you at
the same time. Of course, Macross and Robotech is an exception, but
that's a peculiar situation: a popular series that hasn't seen multiple
reissues. If even semi-obscure series like Dunbine is getting HG and MG
releases, you can forget about making a profit with buying "limited"

I am pretty happy I cashed out my Macross kits recently while the market
is still hot. But I was too late with my coated RX-78 (v.1.5 killed any
hope of profits). I still got two in shrink-wraps, any takers?

Anyway, t'is a model builder rambling, sorry...

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