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Core wonders,

> In the scene just before Lalah and Char kissed, Lalah asked/commanded Char
> to wear a space suit for future missions. I swear I heard she said
> "normal suit". But what's a normal suit? I thought a normal suit is the
> bulky suit that's more sturdy and lasts longer. And a "pilot suit" is a
> tight-fitting suit worn for piloting MS/MA/fighters, intended only for
> emergency or bail-out.

  Yep, that's correct. I don't recall exactly how Lalah phrased it, but you
could make the case that a skintight "pilot suit" is a subset of the "normal
suit" category - after all, normal suits are so named to distinguish them
from mobile suits, not from other human-sized space suits.

> Second question is even more trivial.

  Sorry, don't recall right now...

> Another thing about Char, some (including Mark) said he can't drive a car.
> But he's been seen driving Zaku, Komusai, Sea Lance, Zugock, Gelgoog,
> Zeong. He also commanded Musai, Gau, Yukon and Zanzibar. He's more than
> confident with a jetpack. Can't remember the details, but in Z and CCA,
> he's driven other things, maybe a shuttle, and a horse. So what's with a
> car?

  Who knows? But there are so many occasions when it would have made more
sense for Char to drive, that it becomes very suspicious that he never does
- especially since he's been observed to operate every other form of
transportation under the sun. Some highlights from the "Why doesn't Char
just drive?" file...

* Side 6, where he makes snotty comments about Lalah's abilities as a

* Texas colony, where in the TV series he encounters Sayla on foot rather
than on horseback. Before he recognizes his sister, Char pulls out a gun and
attempts to force her to drive him back to his ship at gunpoint. Why not
just pop her and steal her car, since he showed no reluctance to
sniper-shoot civilians earlier in the TV series?

* Fast forward to Z Gundam. Char grabs a taxi back from the Federation
assembly meeting in Dakar, arriving just too late to save Brex from Titans
goons. If he had his own wheels, Brex wouldn't have died.

* In Char's Counterattack, we see Char, supreme leader of the Neo Zeon,
riding the subway car in Sweetwater. We know he's a man of the people, but
that seems a little foolhardy.

  Those are just a few of the occasions when Char seems perversely
determined not to operate his own motor vehicle. What's his damage?

Amuro, on the other hand, has his own vehicle-operation quirk - a penchant
for leaping out of moving vehicles. Some example include:

* Jumping out of a car packed with bombs (twice in the original TV series!).

* Hopping out of the RX-78 at the end of the original series.

* Crashing a transport plane into the Asshimar and bailing out by parachute
(in Z Gundam).

* Jumping out of his car to brawl with Char in CCA (leaving a juvenile to
fend for herself in a runaway car!).

  Perhaps Hayatao's demise in ZZ was a typically unsuccessful attempt to
outdo Amuro one last time. :-)

-- Mark

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