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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>I don't think people on the list have been too crazy about the coated kits.
>Go with the Sazabi, if you are looking to spend the bucks. But a real solid
>MG would be GM Custom or RX79G.
>Gus Jae

go for the Sazabi (if you have the money), and never get the coated kits - you could replicate them anyway with a regular kit. Maoie (or was it Garrick? from the Mechapinoy ML but I dunno if he's also here) bought along a chrome MG RX-78 in one of our mecha meets for the Mechapinoy ML, and we thought he brought along a coated RX-78! He told us that it was only a regular kit, painted to look like a coated version, and it's better looking if you ask me.

yes, the GM Custom is also a nice buy (I like that color scheme) and personally if I don't see a GM Custom in stock I'm gonna get the GM Quel (I also like its color scheme), although I'm also interested in checking out the RX-78 ver. 1.5

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