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>Josh CTC writes,
>>>>Gundam Sentinel (Novel? Manga? I'm interested in this one.)
>>>VERY cool stuff. Serialized photonovel and original model kit design
>>I'll take your word for it. :) (And hopefully try to get my hands on the
>The whole thing is available, along with tons of mecha design artwork, model
>kit photos and articles, and lots of other goodies, in the "Model Graphix
>Special Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel" book. I'm not sure if it's still
>in print, but it's not too difficult to find. Go to the book/bibliography
>section in the "Gundam Goods" part of The Gundam Project
>(http://www.gundamproject.com) to find publisher info, ISBN number, etc.

that Gundam Sentinel book is SOMETHING! Hajime Katoki even includes step by step illustrations on how not only the variable Gundams transform, but also on how certain parts of that specific variable Gundam move in relation to each other while undergoing transformation.

The illustrations were done very convincingly (IIRC Katoki has a Ph.D in Industrial Design or was it Engineering?) and maybe if that guy from Japan who did a 1/3 scale Zeta Gundam saw that book, he'd make a working EX-S a few year from now. Or better yet, if Honda and Bandai (they did a 1/1 Nu Gundam which was featured in Gundam Fix) sees that Sentinel book and decides to go at it, they might make a working and fully transformable EX-S (or at least the S).

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