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Despite what's good for me, I watched a bit of 0079 Movie 3 again... (ok,
it's really the first time in a long while :P

In the scene just before Lalah and Char kissed, Lalah asked/commanded Char
to wear a space suit for future missions. I swear I heard she said
"normal suit". But what's a normal suit? I thought a normal suit is the
bulky suit that's more sturdy and lasts longer. And a "pilot suit" is a
tight-fitting suit worn for piloting MS/MA/fighters, intended only for
emergency or bail-out. A few days ago Nightingale used "normal suit" in a
similar situation, and I was at the point of "correcting" him when sleep
overcame me (happens a lot these days). But now I am not so sure I was

Second question is even more trivial. Kishiria and Char had a frank
(symbolized by Char's taking off his mask) conversation on Char's and
Kishiria's ambitions and plans. (a most important conversation for
understand both characters) I remember there was a similar conversation
in the TV (somewhere in eps. 40-42?) but did Char took off his mask? I
know Kishiria knew of Char's true identity but I kind of remember also
that Char said something like "I am still uncomfortable taking off my mask
openly". sorry no got time ta rewatch :P

I think in the TV series, only Sayla and Lalah had seen Char's face. How
many knew of his true identity? We can count Sayla, Kishiria and
Bright (very late) for sure. Did Lalah knew? How about Doren? In the
novels, Amuro also knew about halfway into it but I don't think he knew in
the TV series or movies. Ehh... Hope I am not making a joke of myself
today :P

Another thing about Char, some (including Mark) said he can't drive a car.
But he's been seen driving Zaku, Komusai, Sea Lance, Zugock, Gelgoog,
Zeong. He also commanded Musai, Gau, Yukon and Zanzibar. He's more than
confident with a jetpack. Can't remember the details, but in Z and CCA,
he's driven other things, maybe a shuttle, and a horse. So what's with a
car? Yes he said he isn't good at fixing them, but hard to believe he
handles legs, jet engines, wings and propellers with ease but has a phobia
of wheels? But then you also hear Formula-1 drivers having a phobia of
driving in downtown traffic. So maybe it makes sense also...

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