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Burke writes,

> I tend to agree that Okawara _probably_ did about 90% of the material, the
> Katoki stuff is easy to pick out, though Junya Ishigaki is often involved,
> and sometimes his work is kinda difficult to distinguish from Okawara's (in
> my opinion, anyway)...

  Not really, except maybe in V Gundam. At any rate, Ishigaki didn't work on
G Gundam. Okawara did all the contestant Gundams except the Nobel, Katoki
did all the "bad guy" mecha (the Devil Gundam, the Master Gundam, the beast
henchmen - Walter Gundam, Heaven's Sword, Death Army, et cetera), and
Escaflowne mecha designer Kimitoshi Yamane did all the mundane mecha (the
Pescadore, Murphy, Fantoma, et cetera).

-- Mark

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