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Mon, 07 Aug 2000 12:53:47 CDT

James writes,

>G-Gundam designers
>I believe most of the design were done by Okawara, certainly the 5
>main gundams were. Katoki did all the bad guy designs, plus a few
>others like fan fave nobel gundam.

I tend to agree that Okawara _probably_ did about 90% of the material, the
Katoki stuff is easy to pick out, though Junya Ishigaki is often involved,
and sometimes his work is kinda difficult to distinguish from Okawara's (in
my opinion, anyway)...

>This is a great endeavor, I hope you get it completed. It would be
>cool if, in addition to it's listing in each individual mechs stat,
>you could also have a text listing by designer. For instance, Katoki
>and a rundown of everything he's designed and go through all
>designers who have had a hand in Gundam.

Actually, what I'm thinking of doing is adding mecha designer profiles to my
Mecha Domain site, basically from the mecha listing, you can click on the
mecha designer's name, and see a profile (and mabye pics too, I know I have
plenty of pics of Okawara, Katoki, and Syd Mead around), show what all
series they've been known to work on, including games (like all the Virtual
On stuff for Katoki), etc. If I can complete this mecha designer's list, I
might go ahead and do the mecha designers' profiles for the site.

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