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Chris Maier wrote:

> No news on 08ths release? Oh well.

Actually, that info was in response to my questions (I would have posted it
here first, but I had no internet over the weekend and apparently someone beat
me to it on and they did talk about 08th MS Team.

Anyway, Jerry Chu from Bandai Entertainment/AnimeVillage said the next big
push is the original TV series, which will be coming both on TV and on
DVD/VHS. The marketing so far is "here is how it all began" kind of thing to
try and bring in the current Wing watchers. Anway, that's the big focus from
on high, Chu said. Following that, releases will follow the timeline. He was a
little unclear on the Gundam UC timeline himself, but following it would mean
MSG is presumably followed by 08th MS Team DVD/VHS, then 0080 DVD, and 0083
DVD. Anyway, like I said, he was personally unclear on the UC timeline, but
the answer was in response to my "What happened to 8th MS Team?" and 08th MS
Team is definately in there he said. It's just that MSG is first.

Also, as an aside, he said he was concerned about the possibility of the
20-year old MSG animation falling flat with American (ie teen-ager and below,
which is their big market now) audiences, but that those decisions were made
by higher up. As for Z, ZZ, he said the question is "not if, but when." They
just need to get past MSG, 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083 before they can even begin
to think about those. Also, like said, no more subtitled
VHS. Just dubbed VHS and DVDs (with everything). Guess I know what I'm getting
for Christmass.....

Anyway, I think that's everything. Feel free to ask away though.

    Neil Baumgardner

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