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Josh CTC writes,

>New units? Umm.. I can tell you the series that they have and all, but I
>doubt I'd know any new units. What with the novels and all. I haven't seen
>them all, y'know.

These wouldn't be units from any novelizations, they'd be all-new units
created for the game. Just like the Neue Ziel II, Big Zam Production Type,
Hamma Hamma Production Type, Modified Gyan, Gundam Mk-IV, Rig Ring, Zaku 50,
etc., from G Generation Zero were all originals for that game.

>Okay. It's in 3 discs, with a premium disc i know not what for. You can
>V.S. games, and there's a Gundam Fight mode, where you use Master Asia i
>think. I haven't tried them.
>The series are as follows.


>Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Story 0079 (Saturn game? I'm not sure.)

Yep, that's Rise from the Ashes/After the Colony Fell.


>Gundam Sentinel (Novel? Manga? I'm interested in this one.)

VERY cool stuff. Serialized photonovel and original model kit design series,


>Mobile Suit Gundam: This one I don't know. U.C 105 I'll grab a screenshot
>and post it

I believe that would be Flash of Hathaway, from the novel series by
Yoshiyuki Tomino.


>The one with the Crossbone Vanguard. This looks ubercool.

Crossbone Gundam. Shiver me timbers! ARRRRRRR! :)

>I suppose they have Turn A Gundam, but it's not in the menu, it is however
>in the start screen, and there is a demo sequence of the Turn A.

They have screenshots of the Turn A busting out of the White Doll statue on
the official G Generation F web site (someone posted the link up here
yesterday, I don't have it on-hand right now). My guess would be that it's
the only Turn A unit probably in the game, mabye as a "hidden" character, if
the Turn A series isn't even listed.

>And how come the technology in Gundam Sentinel looks more advanced than...
>umm V Gundam? Strange strange strange.

Because Hajime Katoki is a mecha design GOD!!! He knows how to make mecha
look like somewhat-realistic military hardware, not toys to be sold to the
mass-market tykes. :P

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