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Echo|Fox writes,

>I've seen it romanized as Ohkawara and I have some scans on
>wingzero where he signed it "Okawara". I'm assuming it's not a typo, since
>you repeated it several times ... what's the basis for that, out of

He does indeed sign his artwork with "Okawara," although technically it's a
"long O" pronounciation. So "Ohkawara" would be just as technically correct
as "Ookawara," although I see how people can be confused by this latter
spelling and think it's supposed to be pronounced something like "ukawara"
from the "oo". But don't blame me... THAT'S how they spelled it on
AnimeVillage's video credits for the movie trilogy/0080/0083. Didn't bother
to see how they spelled it on the Wing videos.

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