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There's a beautiful pile of logic on this we cooked up last
year, I'll try to find it because inevitably someone is gonna
ask why did they do it, and what did the Delaz Fleet, UNT,
Axis, Cima Fleet and Anaheim Electronics all get out of it...

I think it was Political Motivations 0083, or something like

> > Why would you need to know background from Zeta if it occurs in year
> > after 0083?
> Because for a supposed prequel of the events in Zeta 0083 came off
> much to be desired. If nonstop Bruckheimer-ish action is your yen then
> 0083 is one's series but Gundam is a Universe where there are serious
> political movers and shakers.
> Anaheim Electronics (and their involvement with the Delaz Fleet and Cima)
> what is the strategic/poltical goals of the Axis?

Yeah Zeta was a 3 way fight... 0083 was a 5 way fashion show
with action... walk, walk, walk, steal the Gundam, fight, fight, fight,
destroy the Gundams, walk, walk, walk, get the girl, get the other
Gundams, walk, walk, walk, drop the thingy... leave the audience
confused, its just eye candy anyway...


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