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Benjamin Liptak wrote:
> Why would you need to know background from Zeta if it occurs in year 0087,
> after 0083?
        Because for a supposed prequel of the events in Zeta 0083 came off
much to be desired. If nonstop Bruckheimer-ish action is your yen then
is one's series but Gundam is a Universe where there are serious
movers and shakers. Zeta is a three way fight between the Titans, AEUG
the Axis. 0083 didn't cover the rise of Basque Ohm very well (swim
one cameo appearance was an afterthought) or the exact nature of
Electronics (and their involvement with the Delaz Fleet and Cima) or
is the strategic/poltical goals of the Axis? 0083 could be called
Jion Strikes Back.

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