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Edward Ju wrote:

> >I'd say virtually impossible is a bit of an exaggeration. Its difficult,
> >yes, but
> >it just takes time to figure out what the menus do (trial and error) as
> >well as
> >James' excellent guide page.
> As excellent as James' guide page is, you still need to be able to read in
> order to figure out stuff such as the map's base name, discretionary
> decisions (dropping the colony, commencing Operation V, etc.). The effects
> of some of these decisions have no immediate impact and thus rendering
> trial and error a not-so-smart approach.
> Eddie

Well, it isn't too hard to find a Katakana chart, so as to read to the base names,
but I guess you got me on the rest. However, stuff like Operation V isn't too hard
to figure out (as the V stands out) as well as stuff liek the plans for Mobile Suit
carrying ships.



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