Chris Beilby (
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 02:13:09 GMT

>Goth girl I know - always wears black, has pink hair - turned up to the
>local goth/industrial/retro/punk/ska venue's costume night in a sailor suit
>and black FMBs.
>I'm kinda hoping we do get GW. One of the broadcasters (SBS - the Special
>Broadcasting Service) screened Evangelion, and theres a good chance they'll
>try and pick up GW too.
>The thing is, Goths will just go wet over the Deathyscythe. I know I do,
>even if my partner always says "But...its got pointy boots!". So I can
>just see a bunch of Goths capering around as Deathscythes.
>Kinda worth a giggle.

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