Chris Beilby (
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 01:14:52 GMT

> I just thought of something else to ask. If I were to buy Gundam
>would it be better to get a subbed version or a dubbed version? I'm not
>if the store has that selection but in case they do I wanna know which
>be better to get.

This is more a matter of personal preference. I myself prefer subs,
however, as a longtime anime fan who started out watching on TV, I have
high tolerance for bad dubs (I grew up on Battle of the Planets for goodness
sake.) There is talk that 0083 is not the best of the Gundam dubs, but as I
have only seen it subbed, I can't really judge. If finances are an issue,
definitely consider the dub, as it's an average of 5 to 10 dollars less per
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