Chris Beilby (
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 01:01:57 GMT

> If I were to watch the 0083 series without having seen any previous UC
>shows would I be totally confused or does it stand well enough on it's own?
>I've only seen Gundam Wing so far and 0083 is the only other series that
>stores here carry. I would like to see some more Gundam but I don't want
>buy 0083 and find that I don't understand why everything is happening.

0083 is pretty much stand alone as far as UC Gundams go. (Likewise 0080 if
you ever find it.) While there are a few references to the events of the
One Year War, there's nothing that requires knowlege of 0079, 0080, or Zeta.
  The most that would be confusing is the appearance late in the OVA by a
major characxter from Zeta, but that's just a cameo.
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