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> Is it just me or do Garma and Giren look a lot alike, maybe
> Garma, Giren, and Kishiria all take after their mom, Dozul
> is the only one that looks vaguely like Degin... Makes one
> wonder what Cicero Zavi looked like?

Since I seem to be the one who promulgated the "Cicero" Romanization, I guess I
should be the one to note that the katakana don't support that transliteration
phonetically. Rather than risk any other mismatches, I now give the name in a
purely phonetic rendering: Sasuro.

> Most of the timelines state Garma dies on October 4 0079
> and the funeral is on October 6 0079, I just figured it was a
> eulogy, and day of mourning up til now, but some bearers
> bring out a casket during the ceremony. Was it just for the
> show, or did some Zeon Captain have to bring the body all
> the way from Earth in one day?

Unless they ran up a special ship and used something other than the standard
Hohmann transfer orbit, there's no way they could've made the trip from Earth to
Side 3 (L2) in less than 72 hours (3 days). Considering how Garma bought it, it
would've had to've been a closed-casket ceremony in any case, so in all
likelihood the casket was purely symbolic and Garma's actual remains, whatever
could be found of them, brought up for whatever disposition the Zeon would make
of them at a later date.

This begs the question of Zeon mortuary rites. Given the nature of space
colonies and the scarcity of certain basic compunds, expecially nitrates and
calcium, I suspect that they recycle anything and everything they can.


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