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> Or you just tell your webserver to forbid directory listings in
> directories without an index.html/php/php3/whatever you have defaulted.

That presumes that you have some say in how the server is set up. Most of us
don't and a surprising number of ISP seem to be either unaware of the problem or
unwilling or unable to fix it. Hence my workaround, which anyone can implement
on their own.

> Making use of that trick has let me "cheat" and enter a few contests, most
> notably a True Lies one in the past, where the entry conditions were long
> and involved.

Not to mention being able to discover picture and sound files that are stored
but not (yet) displayed and beign able to "whack" copies for your very own.

The pitiful thing about all this is that it can happen by accident, giving
someone with no malicious intent unintended and unexpected access, which in turn
may tempt them into doing something they would not otherwise do.


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