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Sun, 6 Aug 2000 20:28:47 -0400

Hey folks, I recieved my MSG TV series on Friday, but I've
had some things keep me busy until now. (like Otakon) ;)

Anyway a few questions:

Is it just me or do Wakkein and the WB Captian look like
father and son...

Is it just me or do Garma and Giren look a lot alike, maybe
Garma, Giren, and Kishiria all take after their mom, Dozul
is the only one that looks vaguely like Degin... Makes one
wonder what Cicero Zavi looked like?

Most of the timelines state Garma dies on October 4 0079
and the funeral is on October 6 0079, I just figured it was a
eulogy, and day of mourning up til now, but some bearers
bring out a casket during the ceremony. Was it just for the
show, or did some Zeon Captain have to bring the body all
the way from Earth in one day?

You know every time we say what a pain it would be to do
the original series over with new animation, we're kidding
ourselves, as I watch it, I've seen that EVERY Dopp attack
you will see 3 fighters in formation, and a fourth one joins up
then they dive bomb the white base, but get shooed away
by Anti-Aircaft fire... One breaks left, and another one breaks
to the right... then some Dopp finds a weakness in the AA
and drops a bomb on the left front leg of the white base...
I mean the first time you see Amuro run up in the Gundam
and rip the nosepiece off of a Zaku is one thing, but then six
episodes later its passe... Also there is a scene in the old
opening where you see the Guntank roll up, then Guncannon
jumps in, and the camera pans to the Gundam... Well if you
watch the Giren's Greed movies carefully, you'll see the
same sequence but with newer Retconned versions... By
episode 12, the Gundam has exactly 2 standup sequences,
the one with steam coming from its vents, and one without.
There are only about 3 ways for Amuro to hold his bazooka
and shield at the same time as well, but I digress...

The funniest one to me is the 'look ma no shield battle' in
one of his first battles on Earth, Amuro will shoot at a bad
guy with the Gundam having its shield on its back, but if he
gets shot at he blocks with the shield which is firmly planted
on the arm, shoots back with shield on his back, then blocks
another shot with the shield...

Oh well on to CD number 5, episodes 13-15... for anybody
in the US who's wondering, it took 17 days for my CDs to
get here from Singapore... And Otakon had only 1 Heero,
1 Deathscythe, and maybe 5 Lady Une's that I saw... hmm
oh yeah and there was this girl who's cosplay costume was
Zechs... Except for the Deathscythe they were all girls... so
we don't have the Sailor Moon/Guy problem in Gundam yet.


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