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> Mostly for ammo and refueling, I'd say. While the reactor proper can
> run for ages without a Helium-3 fuel restock, mobile suit thrusters go
> through their propellant supply very quickly. (This propellant is cycled
> through the reactor to super-heat it, then vented to create thrust; the
> raw material could be any simple substance like hydrogen, helium, or water.)


> On the ground, mobile suits only need to use their thrusters for
> jumping, so the limit is less severe.

And, since, as noted above, ambient air and water can be used as propellant,
jet-propelled MS like the MS-09 Dom and hydroject-propelled amphibious MS (all
of them, I think) have unlimited supplies of propellant.

The Core Fighter/Booster has hydrid jet/rocket thrusters, as does the White
Base, and the Zanzibar, so I'd expect that they, too, can travel to the ends of
Earth using any fluid they choose for propellant.

This might also be true for jet propelled craft like the Gallop, Gow, and
Gunperry, which may presumed to have Minovsky-Ionescu fusion reactors as well.

I can't find any specs for the propulsion systems of the Dopp, Gattle, or other
fighter and trnasport aircraft, but since they were designed for Terrestrial
combat, I'd expect them to be fusion powered and thus able to use ambient air
for propellant, too.


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