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>SD Gundam Generation + Zero run fine on VGS ver 1.4 (James, you should try again), I think most of the Gundam Bandai games don't run on bleem (except
>Century) for some stupid reasons... Does that program copy PSX CD on the fly or does/can it make an image on your HDD (that's what I want!!)?? If
>it does, can someone tell me more about it. Trust me, nothing is more addictive than Giren's Greed (even without the battle), I can't image what
>would happen if someone can get those battles working on VGS or Bleem. I don't think there is much strategy (as in when to attack) because you have
>to keep the pressure up right from the beginning whether you are Zion or UNT (just built loads of Fly Mentas/MS-05+transport). Are Bandai planning
>to use the superior PC technology and produce some decent PC gundam games (forget about Battle Tactics - good game but bad graphics or The War For
>Earth - total BS)??
>Anyone heard about SD gundam knights recently?? They seem to have disappear.
>Thanx for reading.

sorry I forgot to include the VGS version - what I have here is ver. 1.3 and maybe that explains why I can't run GGen and GGen 0.

the PSX CD copier only copies CDs and cannot create and image for the HD.

SD Gundam Knights? are you referring to the SNES game?

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