Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 6 Aug 2000 14:38:29 -0700

>Anyone know any info on The Gundam 3d Modeler?

Actually it's called Gundam Virtual Modeler. The software was designed
for the Mac-based Pippin console, as a result it runs on PowerMacs as well.
The software was later ported to the Wintel platform. There are 2 versions,
the full version (Pro) and the abridged version (Lite). The user interface
between the two versions are very different - Lite's GUI was more newbie/
user friendly, whereas the Pro version uses an interface that is common
among hardcore 3D modeling software.

>I know basically what it is,
>but I have a few questions.
>1. How does it work?

It uses a licensed Shade (a popular Japanese 3D modeling/rendering software)
engine and gives you a database of mobile suits, mobile armors, ships, and
other objects that are locked so you can only pose them but not modify them.

>2. Is there a shareware or trial version?

Not really. The Lite version costs half as much as the Pro version, but
that still runs you about 100 bucks. Its database is slightly smaller
(IIRC only select MS and MAs were included. No ships and other objects).

>3. If not where can I get it and how much?

I am not aware of any online stores that carries it. You can try CD Japan
(http://www.cdjapan.com/) but I think they only sell CDs/LDs/DVDs. Be
prepared to bleed 19,800 yen + shipping for the Pro version, and be sure to
specify whether you are ordering the Mac or the Windows version. I know
the Mac version of Pro runs fine on American Mac OS, but the Windows
version may require Japanese Windows.


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