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>> In most of the Gundam sequels, it's implied that the Guncannon pretty much
>> got absorbed into the GM line and the Guntank didn't last very long after
>> the OYW. So why during the F91 era do these types of suits make a
>> comeback(As G-cannon and the transformable Guntank)?
>Actually the Guntank is seen in several other series of Gundam, although
>maybe as cameos. But the one I definately remember is during Gundam Wing.
>If you watch the very first episode, the "hover" Guntank is seen as the
>mobile suits that entrap the space colonies.
>~Andy Lee

Of course, Gundam Wing is in an alternate timeline, so the Tragos really does not count towards his question. From my understanding of it, he was asking more towards the UC side of Gundam.

My opinion is that it the Guntank wasn't a very effective weapon, and was thus decomissioned as a fighting vehicle near war's end. Once advances had been made in transformation systems and MS size, the idea was revisited to make the variable Guntank we see in F-91. Even with these advances, it was still not that viable a weapon, with its main advantages over normal MS's being that in tank mode, it could fit in smaller areas more easily and it could carry a slightly bigger gun. I don't have the stats here in front of me right now, but as equivalently powerful weapons became easier to make, and smaller in size (say maybe the G-Cannons?), these Guntanks were once again phased out of service?

The only thing the Guntank ever seemed really useful for is artillery barrages, and with their treads and limited mobility compared to other MS's, they would mostly be confined to "ground" combat, whether on Earth or inside a colony. And the expense of getting them inside a colony and shear destructive factor one of these could have on the colony's walls once there would severely limit their use in space (after all, in most cases, you want to take the colony, not just destroy it). As we rarely see combat on Earth after the OYW (at least I don't remember them letting too many enemy units build beach heads that would require real artillery barrages), it was only neccessary to maintain a few of these limited use MS's, and thus little was done with the design of them, with the variable one being the only real "improvement". And probably the only reason that was put through was that some company lobbied the right way to push it through the bureaucracy and got it made, kind of like !
the US's Bradley, which got made despite all the problems that became inherent in the design.

As for the Guncannon, well, there is the GM Cannon of 0083, and maybe one or two other designs in the interim, but I guess that the whole improved weapon size thing might come into play there too.

But that's just a guess.


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