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The originalGundam TV series looks to have a start date sometime between
March and June next year. From there on, they'll be trying to release all
Gundam series in timeline order. 0080 and 0083 should be out while the
original Gundam TV series is being releaseed though. As a side note, the
0080/0083 VHS box set is now a collectors item as its discontinued.

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (OVA & Movie) DVD should be out in February.

Bandai reiterated that sub VHS is done from them.

Cowboy Bebop likely won't be collected in a box set as the sales of the
individual discs are quite strong. The Gundam 0080/0083 could be released
as a box set when it comes to DVD, though nothing is firm at all in that

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Can I heard a big woohoo from the crowd? You know you want to :P Wherever you are, just yell out :P It's a good time to be a Gundam fan, my friends...

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