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Those G-savior kits are one-of-a-kind. Sorry :). Although I think it's
entirely possible that Bandai will in the near future perhaps release a
G-savior kit, even if it's only an SD one.

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Hey, I got my Master Grade Sazabi kit from HLJ a couple days ago. Boy, the
quality of Bandai injection kits sure have gone up. Those new G Savior kits
look pretty good from what I've seen. Does anyone know anything about
 Are they injection kits? Are they MGs? When are they going to be released?
    It didn't take too long to get to the U.S.. I was surprised. I already
put it together, it took me three nights to go through all the parts and
complete the kit. The kit is kick ass! The fannels are kinda flimsy, does
anyone else have the same problem? The back pack wobbles a little bit too,
but other than that the kit is great. The color of the plastic is the
perfect red color. I'm not sure if I really want to paint it. It doesn't
havfe any problems holding the shield like the MG Gp-02 had. I love this
kit. It's the only Bandai injection kit I have that looks like a garage

    The kit has the Shot Rifle, Tomahawk, Beam Saber, Fannel, and Shield.
The only weapon it's missing is the huge rifle that I believe comes with the
Wave vinyl Sazabi kit. Does anyone know a person or place that sells or can
make a recast of the huge rifle that comes with the Wave kit?


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