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Or you just tell your webserver to forbid directory listings in
directories without an index.html/php/php3/whatever you have defaulted.
Making use of that trick has let me "cheat" and enter a few contests, most
notably a True Lies one in the past, where the entry conditions were long
and involved.

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> The problem with the directory listing when you don't specify a full path and > the directory doesn't contain an index file (either index.html or default.htm) > is a well-known weakness of the Web server. I myself work around it by placing > a dummy index.html file in each directory that loads the index.html file in my > top level directory. This way, any malformed URL, whether it's purposeful or > not, always loads the home page. > > -Z- > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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