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One of the problems with figuring out anime physics, is figuring out
what things are suppose to be there, but never got drawn. For example
in CCA, you see that every time a gun fires, oppositely aimed
reaction control thrusters of either the gun itself, the suit, or
both, fire of in sync with muzzle flash. Now perhaps these scyronized
thrusters were new to CCA era suits, or perhaps this was how it was
always suppose to have been, but it was too much trouble to draw all
that thrust, and all those thrusters in a weekly TV show. Personally
I take the scenes in CCA as an indication that there have always been
reaction control thrusters to dampen the recoil of weapon fire and
leave it at that.

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> How does such a high-energy weapon such as a laser sword not effect
> the inertia of a mobile suit? That's something that bugs me,
> especially when someone fires some huge buster rifle and it doesn't
> move them an inch, yet their teeny little thrusters insanely rocket
> them forward, and the amount of thrust used to vertically propel an
> 18 ton mobile suit doesn't seem to even scratch the surface of
> whatever it's standing on (like an aircraft carrier/rotting log).
> I'm sorry if this has already been explained by someone. I was too
> tired to scroll through all those letters and actually figure out
> what they were replying to or if it was something that interested
> me, so I deleted them all! How do you like that?

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