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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>Anyone out there tired Giren's Greed on Bleem or VGS? Please don't give me "go
>get a playstation" because I cannot have a playstation in a boarding school. I
>can't even load the game with bleem. The game hangs (90%) whenever you enter a
>battle in VGS but you can nominate the computer (much less fun...) Any help
>would be appreciated. It seems like the CD-rom stops at that point, so I was
>trying to "virtual drive" the PSX CD, but the program cannot read certain
>sectors and there isn't a ignore button. Is there any way to convert the PSX CD
>into a iso9660 image, what software should I use??

I haven't tried Giren's Greed yet (I can't find one here and I'm still trying to complete Gran Turismo 2), but here's what I have:

                             Bleem (Intel only) VGS
Gundam the Battlemaster 2 runs and mem card works same as bleem
SD Gundam Generation doesn't run beyond intro doesn't run at all
SD Gundam Generation 0 same as G Gen same as G Gen
Gundam: CCA runs but not mem card runs, but hangs
                                                     after the ending

there - now back to that addictive GT2...

as for the software, I haven't heard of any yet that would convert a CD, although there is a software to COPY psx cds (like the disk copy of DOS)

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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