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> Buuutttt ... I just noticed if you go http://www.newtype-net.com/password/
> you can list all the files in the directory ;p Evidently security was not
> their first priority :P It looks like the "amazing" secret is
> http://www.newtype-net.com/password/correct.html.
> Sigh. All my work for that =)

Hee-hee-hee. Eighty years ago, when broadcast radio was to the world what the
Internet is now, you could receive a secret message at the end of many programs,
most notably Radio Orphan Annie, Captain Midnight (of Decoder Ring fame) and The
Shadow. The secret message invariably turned out to be an advertisement for the
show's sponsor, for example 4-18-9-14-11 15-22-1-12-20-9-14-5! ("Drink

The problem with the directory listing when you don't specify a full path and
the directory doesn't contain an index file (either index.html or default.htm)
is a well-known weakness of the Web server. I myself work around it by placing
a dummy index.html file in each directory that loads the index.html file in my
top level directory. This way, any malformed URL, whether it's purposeful or
not, always loads the home page.


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