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> On both of the V Gundam models I bought today
> (Victory Dash and Victory 2), the chest, shoulder,
> thigh, and skirt armor can be removed to reveal a
> spindly endoskeleton. (1)Are the mobile suits
> functional in this mode?

I assume the V-Dash model you bought is 1/144 scale,
in which almost all of the 1/144 V kits features a
endoskeleton called 'V-frame'. This is to enhence
model's freedom of movement, much easier/cheaper
production, and providing some kitbash fun to
interchange limbs between different models (Gundams or
Zanscare MS alike :) The actual MS in the TV series,
of course, didn't operate in this mode.

> I've only built the VDash so far, and I was
> wondering a few things: (2)what is the purpose of
> interchangeable heads and backpacks?

You have one normal head with regular V-antenna, and
the other head with a pair of side-mounted antennas.
This head is for commander's unit and with this head
V-Gundam is called 'V Gundam Hexa'. The backpack, with
the cannons included, is the booster unit to give V
Gundam more thruster output and power the shoulder

> (3)Are those two big guns on his back?

They are called "Overhang Cannons"

> (4)If they are, what the heck kind of projectile do
> they fire?

They fire mega particles, in which a single shot can
wipe out a Zanscare MS.

> (5)What portion of the mobile suit makes up the
> airplane (It came with a little plane, which the
> makes up much of)?

The Core Fighter include the head, in which its pair
of vulcan cannons is CF's main (and only weapons). it
can, however, add extra weapons and upper or lower
torso by attaching them via hard points to increase
firepower. By adding the booster backpack, the CF is
now known as V-Dash Corebooster, with the overhand
cannon swung backward to serve as thrusters during


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