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> How does such a high-energy weapon such as a laser sword not effect the
> inertia of a mobile suit? That's something that bugs me, especially when
> someone fires some huge buster rifle and it doesn't move them an inch,
> their teeny little thrusters insanely rocket them forward, and the amount
> thrust used to vertically propel an 18 ton mobile suit doesn't seem to
> scratch the surface of whatever it's standing on (like an aircraft
> carrier/rotting log). I'm sorry if this has already been explained by
> someone. I was too tired to scroll through all those letters and
> figure out what they were replying to or if it was something that
> me, so I deleted them all! How do you like that?

Maybe the suit's AMBAC system counterfires verniers and thrusters to
compensate for the recoil of the weapon?

I dunno. I'm not sure how a 65 foot robot that only weighs 18-40 tons can
stand up in a wind? :) I mean it's practically a kite isn't it?

But still I'm looking for specific answers on how a MS is "supposed" to
work, not how it actually would under Newtonian aproximations of real
physical laws. Also I'm not looking for hypothetical tactical advice on how
someone ought to conduct operations. I just wonder if anyone can give me a
rough idea based on novels, comics, art-books,movies, OAV's series, model
sheets or anything like that how maintenance intensive various systems in a
MS are.

Obviously ammo is a factor. Obviously structural repair and component
replacement is a factor. Clearly new operation parameters and data can be a
factor(map upgrades, physics handling packages for different environments or
oppponents, new instructions for new weapons add ons etc.). Then there is
cleaning sensors and that sort of thing. The atmosphere of a sealed cockpit
can't last for ever. Your waste has to go somewhere. All of these are issues
I've thought about.

But as far as the fuel, propellant, magnetic reaction control gizmos
etc....well... I have no info and I was hoping somebody either had some or
could extrapolate a few facts from the vast body of Gundam UC media.

Let's put it this way...If I had a Mobile Doll control system from Gundam
Wing installed into a Zaku(I or II, J or F, or S, or R I don't care) and I
dumped the thing out of my ship and told it to fly between three way points
every so often, shoot at anything that didn't give a friendly IFF signal,
and assuming it had nothing to engage....how often would I have to go and
check on it to make sure it wasn't out of fuel, power, thrust, or just
flying around in circles because it's disposable gyro overheated and wasn't
replaced etc.

What parts of a UC Mobile suit(Pre F-91) are designed to wear out and how
long do they need to last to be on par with the average mobile suit?


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