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> Mobile suits are powered by Helium-3 fed Minovsky reactors...right? How
> often do various One Year War mobile suits probably need refit and
> refueling? In most UC stuff it seems like an MS is tied to it's base or
> carrier? Is that strictly for ammo and repairs?
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> I Thought the Helium 3 was strictly for the beam weapons? I think the
> reason that the UC MS stayed with their ship was twofold.

If Helium 3 is purely for beam weapons I'd think the Jupiter energy Fleet
would have a greatly reduced sphere of political influence would it not?
Furthermore I'm pretty sure that beam weapons usually fired mega particles
which were a sort of highly concentrated conglomeration of Minovsky
particles captured from a helium-3 powered fusion reaction.

As far as I know Helium-3 reactions are the only safe and inexpensive way to
achieve fusion reactions in the UC timeline. They are used in some degree by
anything that needs a lot of power.

Beam sabres suspend very hot and reactive plasmas in a relatively weak
i-field and these are released when the blade came in contact with it's
At least that's what my old issues of V-max said...I think it was V-max

> 1. A Pilot would be crazy to go off on their own without some way of
> help/repairs in the event of a malfunction. And of course they need a
> to sleep.

I am not disputing this but does a mobile suit have the capacity to be used
as a long term vehicle? Can they go cross country for six weeks or do they
need some form of trasport and are they limited to short sorties? Also how
do they stack up to a modern bomber in terms of independence?

Can we draw any conclusions from the failed attack on Jaburo in Zeta
Gundam(where the Titans drew the enemy suits in and nuked the place)?
Here we had an orbital drop which would seem to inidcate a high degree of

Were the Full Vernian GPO1 and GPO3 especially modified to operate at long

To make it a shorter question...what is the common average combat/deployment
endurance for a mobile suit or mobile armor?

> 2. They were there to protect the ships from enemy attack.

Primarily I think the MS were meant to commit hard to detect and devastating
distance attacks. While they did have an application similar to modern
combat air patrol they were clearly developed and optimized with offensive
goals in mind.(To go kill ships, sneak into colonies, etc.)


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