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Echo|Fox wrote:

> Hmm, they have something called the confidential file that promises
> something "amazing" if you can guess a 4 digit password. Being the nosy
> bastard I am, I poked around in the HTML source, and I can simplify things
> for anyone who wants to try and guess:
> Increment the 0000 all the way up to 9999 and you should get the password.
> I'm leaving for the weekend to go to Summersault in about an hour, otherwise
> I'd just script something up to query all 11110 possibilities.
> Buuutttt ... I just noticed if you go
> you can list all the files in the directory ;p Evidently security was not
> their first priority :P It looks like the "amazing" secret is
> Sigh. All my work for that =)

Ugh. What a joke after all the effort that would need to be expended. I spent
a little time on the site keeping my eyes open for "clues", before I got bored
and left, and if anyone still wants to track down the password, then this might
help. There's a little animated guy that pops out on one of the screens holding
up a 7. Since the 7 seems to have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the
page he's on, I figure it must be one of the four numbers.
Of course, since we now apparently no what the great, wonderful, exciting
(sarcasm) surprise is, it doesn't seem like there's much point.


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